Patient Profiles & Gallery

Here at Always There Dental Care, our entire staff truly loves our patients and loves the way we are able to help them achieve the smile of their dreams. We have created a cosmetic dentistry gallery below to show them off to the world. Take a look below at some of our many clients who turned to us for dental care in Chicago. Meet some of our patients and browse through our before and after photos of our restorative, cosmetic dentistry work.

Andrew before and after of teeth


Originally from South Africa, he now calls Chicago home. Andrew owns/runs a company (Health at Work) that creates and implements programs to help companies improve the health, wellness, and lifestyles of their employees. A slight discrepancy in the way his teeth fit together during biting/chewing was destroying his front teeth and causing him to hide his smile. A series of crowns and veneers fixed not only his destructive “bite,” but also restored his smile.

Chester before and after of teeth


Chet was suffering from having a destructive bite and some aesthetic concerns. We decided to functionally restore him with a combination of veneers and crowns. The results left Chet with a beautiful, confident smile that protects his dentition.

David before and after of teeth


A Chicago native. Attorney. Husband. Father. Grandfather. Years of intermittent dental visits and “one tooth at a time dentistry” were preventing his mouth from being as healthy as (we knew) it could be. Comprehensive dental treatment has improved his health and rejuvenated both his smile and his opinion about dentistry.

Lane after view of teeth


Lane came to our office in perfect shape--except for a dark, smaller lateral tooth. One veneer was all that was needed to complete her already gorgeous smile!

Laura before and after of teeth


Chicago (suburbs) native. Laura was born with small lateral incisors. As a teenager, she had dental work done to those two teeth to improve her aesthetics, but this work was beginning to fail. A conservative approach, utilizing only four veneers, allowed for the enhancement of her smile by creating front teeth that were more balanced.

Michelle before and after of teeth


Michelle had undergone orthodontic treatment (“braces”) when she was younger, but her teeth had shifted since then and become crowded again. Additionally, she was unhappy with the color of her teeth and the aesthetics of an older, failing composite filling on her left front tooth. Porcelain veneers not only made her teeth appear straight, they also gave her the dazzling, whiter smile she always wanted.

Shira before and after of teeth


Meet Shira, a rockin’ Chicago native who was referred to ATDC after a most unfortunate auto accident, which left her literally smile-less. This was an extreme case of cosmetic reconstructive work and the results were amazing.

Tina before and after of teeth


Tina presented a case involving failing bondings, excessive wear, spacing, and discoloration. After careful planning, a functional, beautiful smile was achieved giving Tina the confidence to show the brightness of her spirit through her smile!

Before & After

Young man before and after Invisalign treatment


Woman with Invisalign treatment done


Before and after of veneer treatment


Man with before and after veneer treatment


Young woman with before and after veneer treatment

Veneers & Bonding

Young woman with before and after of dental implants


Man with full mouth restoration

Full Mouth Restoration

Man with dental implants before and after

Full Mouth Restoration

Whether you need veneers or a dental crown in Chicago, IL, you can rely on the experienced and friendly team at Always There Dental Care. You can contact us with any questions you have about the patient profile gallery. We are delighted to provide you with the same level of quality dental care. Book an appointment with a compassionate dentist in Chicago by calling (773) 348-0565 right now.